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Conversations with some of the best coaches, mentors and therapists from around the world to talk about the power of coaching, growth and change. In these open and relaxed podcast shows, I explore how coaching offers real transformations for you, your life and business through conversations with coaches and experts who are really making a difference in their field.COACH invites a wide variety of guests to share knowledge, personal insights and stories about their journeys. Find out how they got to where they are today and how you can set your own path and direction for change and success to achieve your goals and dreams. Your Host : Teresa Brooks, Credited Business Coach, NLP Master Practitioner & Founder of COACH Magazine & Podcast. COACH is a brand created to support, showcase and maintain the standards and ethics for the currently unregulated industry, Read articles online, find professional coaches to work and list your own business in The COACH Online Directory. Teresa is a Business & Mindset Coach and NLP Master Practitioner who works with ambitious females coaches, helping them to overcome their limits, develop the confidence and courage needed to reach their dreams and helps them to grow their business through ethical and connective selling.
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