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The Overwhelmed Leader - Kate Davies

September 13, 2021 Teresa
COACH - The Professional Coaching Podcast
The Overwhelmed Leader - Kate Davies
Show Notes

Why do successful entrepreneurs reach a point of overwhelm and what are the first steps to moving forward?

Kate gives us her insight into why business owners can hit a ceiling and a feeling of exhaustion, even when they're reaching the point of seeing real success. 

How can you manage the overwhelm and being on that brink of growth where you wonder 'Can I really do this?' all the time. 

When you feel frazzled, the constant self talk and 'mind monkeys' rise up, this can be exactly the time to look to grow and expand and let the old stories and the old version of you go.

Self-doubt and sabotage are big players when it's time to uplevel and it doesn't have to stay this way as there is no creativity without vulnerability. This vulnerabilty can cause feelings of exposure that can make you feel exhausted and you might feel like it's falling apart when it's really coming together!

What's the balance between being self-led and needing leadership from others?
How important is it to implement your self-care and use your energy wisely?

All this and more as I discuss and debate with Kate and shine the light for women to move forward and rise up to meet their own dreams. 

Kate Davis is a business leadership mentor, an ICF certified coach, a business architect and change manager with 25 years of experience in mentoring and leading teams.

Your Host, Teresa Brooks is a transformational Business & Mindset coach and founder of COACH Magazine & Podcast. She helps women to upgrade their mindset and break through their self-doubts and limiting beliefs to create new confidence to build and grow their business. Teresa teaches a coaching approach to sales to help women learn how to sell with success and integrity, how to be confident with sales and money conversations and how to recognise and embody their self-belief and worth.