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Positive Psychology for Unstoppable Success - with Niyc Pidgeon

June 22, 2021 Teresa
COACH - The Professional Coaching Podcast
Positive Psychology for Unstoppable Success - with Niyc Pidgeon
Show Notes

Known as 'The Girl Who Made Elon Musk Cry',  Niyc Pidgeon is a world renowned speaker,  leader and global success coach who supports coaches to grow 6 & 7-figure Coaching Businesses Online. Her clients have generated over $22 million dollars in the last five years.

Niyc is a best selling Hay House author, award winning positive psychologist, twice certified high performance coach and investor. She is founder of the multi million dollar brand Unstoppable Success, creator of The Positive Psychology Coach Academy Certification and her mission is to help millions of people change their lives through positive psychology and entrepreneurship.

Telling her story to help others is part of her mission and in this intimate and open podcast, Niyc tallks about how she has been able to use positive psychology from a very young age and how this has empowered her to thrive. 

She talks on this podcast about the science behind meditation, how it can be used in so many ways for focus and how to incorporate gratitude in daily, powerful ways.

Niyc is a highly successful, very genuine and down to earth person who clearly commits to everything she does and always has unshakeable belief in what can be achieved.
She didn't always have an interest in psychology and as a girl growing up in Newcastle, UK, she studied maths and physics and had planned a very different career!
And life wasn't always the way it is now... adversity is something she has faced several times- and overcome.  At school, she was badly bullied which led her to attempt to take her own life.
She was also raped and has tragically lost 3 close friends to suicide.

These traumatic events are highly challenging in so many ways  - how did she use her own tools in positive psychology to overcome these  to be happier and more unstoppable than ever before?

Why do some humans quit after adversity but others thrive and go on to high performance?
What is it that makes the difference?
Listen in for a refreshingly honest insight to success alongside practical tips. This podcast will inspire you to never give up on your dreams!

"If you haven't read her book you have to read it - life transforming! And if you have the chance to work with her directly - get involved, because she is one of those leaders in our industry who is truly truly helping people transform the quality of their lives." - Brendon Burchard.

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